You can say boyfriend. [x]


has anyone checked to make sure the people who run that anti-cs blog are alright

these two, seriously [x]

Colin o’donoghue appreciation post.
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Treat her well, buy her flowers, clean the dishes, and give her lots of little hugs


Colin’s love advice to Killian [x]

This is seriously the cutest thing ever.

Uhm, it was in a men’s bathroom. I was standing at the, you know, doing my business. And somebody said; “oh, I love you on that show!” and he was right beside me.

 - Colin O’donoghue, on what’s the most awkward place he’s been recognized. 

You’ve gone red.(x)(x)

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"So how did you feel about the season finale?"
"We had a good time!"

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JMo and Colin in the Hug that Killed a Thousand CS Fangirls: The angle in which we see Colin’s Stupid Dumb Adorable Puppy Face As He Leans On (the fourth gif kills me)  [x]