sad because you can’t watch fanfics

even sadder because the only fanfic you can watch is fifty shades of grey

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#this is so cuteeee #nicki writes some of the best cs high School aus lbr #*cough*schooldays*cough* ~~~~ [hugs you furiously] GET OUTTA TOWN YA CUCKOO BIRD (and also thank you!!)

It’s trueeee!

good high school AUs are pretty hard to find but SCHOOL DAYS IS THE SHIT MAN

update soon pls tnx

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Hook and Charming, 86. :)


86.  Seeing Red

The worst damned snowstorm in centuries.  Centuries.  And even that was a guesstimate the Blue Fairy gave him and Snow as a few of them huddled together inside Granny’s for an impromptu council meeting, the cups of piping hot coffee nearly sloshing out their contents because they were all shivering so hard.

And of course the worst damned snowstorm in centuries would hit Storybrooke, like freak incidents had confused it with the Bermuda Triangle, honing in on the anything-but-quaint coastal town.  (How many other places saw curses and wraiths and giants and magical portals opened by the Wicked Witch? Because he had no interest whatsoever in going there, even if it were sunny and warm, the exact opposite of right now.)

And of course his daughter was nowhere to be found in said worst damned snowstorm in centuries, nor was another equally noticeable figure.

As he navigated the precarious path to Emma’s new apartment, he found himself feeling more than a little perturbed that Snow couldn’t have made this trip herself.  It was her idea anyways, to check on Emma.  He, on the other hand, had wanted to take Snow and Neal home and heed the gnawing suspicion knocking around in his brain trying to find a place to steady and settle into full-blown certainty.  Which he definitely did not want. 

David heaved a sigh that instantly crackled into frozen fractals in front of him.  Nothing against Killian…but just…well…what the hell was he going to do if he was correct? 

(He wasn’t though, right?  They’d only come back from the Enchanted Forest a week ago.  So, surely they wouldn’t…no.  Surely not.


A tinny knock sliced through the air, and David started, ripped from his volleying thoughts.  Blinking a long minute, he finally realized that yes, he had in fact walked up the stairs, had in fact crossed to Emma’s front porch, and definitely had used the door knocker because his fist was still clenching it.  Plus, he could now hear mumblings coming from inside.  A thud.  Another thud.

He couldn’t take it anymore—did not want to be there one second longer—was turning to shuffle away as fast as the ice-covered sidewalk allowed him to go—


You still might be wrong, you still might be wrong.  The mantra filled his head as he squared his shoulders and faced what he was sure was to be one of the most awkward moments of his life.

He wasn’t far off.

A shirtless Captain Hook stood in the doorway, able to do nothing else after the long silence that followed other than clear his throat and scratch behind his ear.  “Do you—do you want me to go and get E—”


He hadn’t meant to yell.   But as the man folded his arms across his chest, whether from the cold or in an ironic show of modesty (David didn’t really care to ponder), his brain seemed to be able to understand nothing else besides the fact that it hadn’t been Emma to answer the door.  Which snowballed into why she hadn’t been at Granny’s, why she hadn’t answered her phone in the first place, which had then prompted Snow sending him on this stupid errand anyways—even though they all knew what was going on between these two, much as they tried to hide it—in the worst damned snowstorm in centuries.

David took a deep breath, wincing at the cold sharpness in his lungs.  “Just—”

His eye caught something small, bright just inside the door on the floor.  Something lacy and red…and oh hell.

He’d been right.

"Just tell her to call her mother," he blurted and bolted away, not caring one bit about his dignity—because how could there be any left?

Worst damned snowstorm of his life.

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When you wish upon a star

She’s surprised to see how easily it is for them to fall into this routine. Of course they have their moments of anxiety - do they deserve this? is it going to last? - but the more they open up to each other, the more comfortable they get.

They fight from time to time, but so do her parents - and they’re True Love - so it isn’t that alarming. Especially since they apologize immediately, not able to resist the wish to make their relationship work.

The town is calm tonight, and the atmosphere is almost magical when they step outside of Granny’s dinner. Almost surreal.

It feels like a dream.

And yet, here they are, in the sunset, fireflies flying around them - insects in Storybrooke still believe it’s spring since Elsa’s freezing curse is gone - and she can feel his hands brushing on her waist from behind.

His right hand curls into her golden hair - he won’t admit it out loud, but he’s glad he’s gotten his hand back just to do that - and he swirls her around, with all the tenderness he is capable of.

He looks down into her eyes, and she puts her hand on his chest and in his dark strands of hair, uncapable not to smile as he leans forward, eyes closed.

I love you”, he whispers against her lips. She’s startled by the suddenness of these 3 words, little but so meaningful. Eventually, she relaxes in his embrace, and her smile widens.

This is when she realizes they had never openly said the words. 

Not even once.

Because they both know actions speak louder than words.

They’ve been through so much together, they’ve lived so many adventures side by side, that they’ve never felt the need to say the 8 letters. They’ve already proven to each other how much they mean to one another.

Everything is quiet around them, and they keep holding each other, lips inches away - always the gentleman, he waits for her to move first.

So many adventures, so little talks.

I love you too.” She finally replies, entranced by his warmth and the serenity of the moment.

Because love is their greatest adventure.

life ruiners → Jennifer Morrison & Colin O’Donoghue



While I firmly believe Emma was the catalyst that helped spark Hook’s redemption arc, I think it’s important to note:

It wasn’t just Leia who inspired Han Solo to stay with the Rebellion…it was also Luke.

Just saying.


" its a good job we like each other ;


I accept Killian Jones as my lord and savior.

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